Afternoon Market Movers: Wednesday 10 August

14:00Celestation 7.14 out to 13Harbour Lightning 17.36 in to 12.514:30Total Star 1.61 in to 1.48Sues Angel 6.8 out to 15.015:00Sunraider 3.00 out to 4.6Talent Scout 6.8 in to 4.9Beautiful Stranger 10 in to 6.215:30Age of Elegance 9.0 in to 6.4Save the Bees 8.4 out to 16.016:00San Cassiano 4.6 out to 7.216:30Space Mountain 2.84 in to 2.14Taurian 7.8 out to 1517:00First Bombardment 5.1 out to 7Geno 8.2 in to 5.9Savannah Blue 11.5 in to 6.417:35One Boy 11.5 in to 7.8Ill Be Good 5.00 out to 12.514:10Taper Tantrum 6.6 in to 3.15Lostock Hall 8.8 out to 18.514:40Recognition 3.85 out to 4.4Nachi Falls 7 in to 4.515:10Angentleman 21 in to 13Taste The Wine 12.5 out to 3415:40Fingerontheswitch 3.35 in to 2.68Tempestatefloresco 8.8 out to 2116:10Mr Kit Cat 3.5 out to 5.0Royal Irish Hussar 5.7 in to 3.616:40Minella Web 5.4 in to 2.85Silveardagh 5.7 out to 9.817:10Canton Prince 4.0 in to 3.15Toulouse The Plot 3.75 out to 7.0Cordey Warrior 20.0 in to 11.514:20Beck and Call 2.82 in to 2.06Akhlaaq 3.2 out to 6.2Sfumato 14.5 in to 7.0Belle Diva 23 in to 7.014:50Jack Nevison 5.93 in to 4.2Ginzan 9.62 out to 12.515:20Takatul 1.7 out to 2.1Torch 5.1 in to 3.2515:50Sharja Queen 3.0 in to 2.36Chain of Daisies 13 in to 6.616:20So Celebre 5.4 in to 3.9Peppard 9.0 out to 18.516:50Polymnia 3.75 out to 4.9The Betfair horse team checks the Exchange markets every day to bring you the for the afternoon and evening cardsRead More at

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