Ludlow calls off card but Wetherby survives frost

Ludlow's card on Friday has become another victim of the cold weather

PICTURE: Steve Davies Ludlow calls off but Wetherby survives frost
By Keith melrose 7:21AM 6 JAN 2017

FRIDAY'S meeting at Ludlow has been cancelled after a second successive night of frost left patches of the course frozen on Friday morning with little prospect of it lifting.

An inspection had been planned for 8am, but it was clear before then that the course would not thaw in time.

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Clerk of the course Simon Sherwood said: "We had a mother and father of a frost on Wednesday, down to -5/6C, and though it got up to 3C yesterday it was reliant on the sun and the sun doesn't get everywhere."

He added: "We had -3C last night but we needed a) for it to warm up quite quickly and b) the forecast rain to arrive. It's only drifting towards us, the forecast says it will arrive at 11 or 12. It was our best chance of getting the frost out of the ground but it's going to get here too late.

"It's a shame because we're 75 per cent or so raceable, but you're only as good as your worst patch of ground."

Wetherby survives

The day's other turf card had more luck, as Wetherby passed an 8am inspection. Temperatures got down to -2C but are scheduled to rise to 4C by 11am.

Racing will begin in West Yorkshire at 12.35 on ground described as good to soft. The last open ditch in the back straight will be omitted in all chases.

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