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Points System.

Points Based Staking

Placing bets of the back of strong inside information gives you an advantage to a degree, but combining that with a simple points based staking system is the key to making the biggest profits. A simple yet highly effective system:

Betting Bank – Whilst backing winners is great, to successfully make a longer-term and ever increasing profit you have to put aside your staking money – your investment into a dedicated betting bank. Dividing this betting bank into points determines the size of each of your bets.


What is the value of your point?

Divide the total amount of money in your betting bank into between 100 and 250 points depending on the size of your initial betting bank. With a slightly smaller bank you may decide to be a little more aggressive. If you are placing larger bets you may wish to have a bigger bank. The main thing is you have to be comfortable with the amounts you are staking.

BankValue of Your Point (100 Point Bank)Value of Your Point (200 Point Bank)Value of Your Point (250 Point Bank)
£500£5N \ AN \ A
£25,000N \ A£125£100
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