Redvers relishes Mongol Derby

David Redvers has described competing in the 2016 Mongol as the "most amazing experience" of his life.

David Redvers took eight days to complete the Mongol

Redvers, who acts as manager for Qatar Ltd among other interests, finished seventh of 41 original competitors, although to date 14 have retired, including Redvers' team mates, Sheikh Fahad Al Thani and former champion jockey Kevin Darley.

It took Redvers eight days to complete, during which he rode at least 27 different horses changing at each station, 40kms apart.

Those who took part were in the saddle up to 13 hours a day and were forced to camp out in extreme weather conditions most nights.

"I can honestly say it's the most amazing experience of my life," said Redvers.

"The scenery is beyond anything I can imagine, my riding companions were the best fun, but the ponies are the most incredible animals on the planet.

"To ride a Mongolian pony flat out for 15km here is the closest you get to flying.

"I am completely and totally emotionally drained but at the same time exhilarated by the experience."

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