Shergar Cup: how Rest Of The World took victory

The : the Rest of the World team secured a narrow triumph

PICTURE: Getty Images : how Rest of the World took victory
By Racing Post Staff 1:14PM 6 AUG 2016

Leg 6 result

1 Kadrizzi (Thierry Jarnet, Europe)
2 Flying Pursuit (Pierre-Charles Boudot, Europe)
3 Muhadathat (Emma-Jayne Wilson, Girls)

A one-two for Europe is almost enough to stage an incredible last-to-first jump in the final contest but Kenichi Ikezoe snuck into fourth place to give the Rest of the World team a crucial five points and the title. Jarnet takes the individual award, however, after notching two wins.

Final team standings
Rest of the World 68
Europe 65
Girls 54
GBI 53

Final Silver Saddle standings
Thierry Jarnet 38
Gavin Lerena 30
Kenichi Ikezoe 25
Pierre-Charles Boudot 24
Emma Jayne-Wilson 24
Joe Fanning 22
Martin Harley 21

Leg 5 result

1 Danehill Kodiac (Gavin Lerena, ROW)
2 Combative (Silvestre de Sousa, ROW)
3 Real Dominion (Emma-Jayne Wilson, Girls)

The Rest of the World take a commanding lead after South African rider Gavin Lerena takes his second win of the day, with teammate Silvestre de Sousa in second. Lerena's on course for the Silver Saddle too, but with just one race to go it is still all to play for.

Standings after leg 5
Rest of the World 63
Great Britain and Ireland 50
Girls 47
Europe 40

Silver Saddle standings after leg 5
Gavin Lerena 30
Thierry Jarnet 23
Joe Fanning 22
Kenichi Ikezoe 20

Leg 4 result

1 Early Morning (, Girls)
2 Emell (Joe Fanning, GBI)
3 Highland Colori (Pierre-Charles Boudot, Europe)

It had to happen: , making her one-off comeback from retirement, gets her winner at the and punches the air in delight as she crosses the line. That win brings the Girls right back into it and, as you can see from the standings below, it is incredibly tight heading into the last two legs.

Team standings after leg 4
Great Britain and Ireland 42
Girls 40
Europe 40
Rest of the World 38

Silver Saddle standings after leg 4
Thierry Jarnet 23
Joe Fanning 22
Kenichi Ikezoe 20
Gavin Lerena 15
Martin Harley 15


Turner, arguably waving the flag of a rival team, celebrates her win

PICTURE: Hugh Routledge

Leg 3 result

1 Mistiroc (Martin Harley, GBI)
2 Duretto (Emma-Jayne Wilson, Girls)
3 Darshini (Joe Fanning, GBI)

A vital victory for Great Britain and Ireland, who have never won the four-team competition and were languishing in last place before taking first, second and fourth. The home team are now in second place behind Rest of the World.

Team standings after leg 3:
Rest of the World (38)
GBI (32)
Europe (28)
Girls (22)

Silver Saddle after leg 3:
Kenichi Ikezoe 20
Thierry Jarnet 18
Gavin Lerena 15
Martin Harley 15
Joe Fanning 12

Leg 2 result

1 Arch Villain (Gavin Lerena, ROW)
2 Sea Of Heaven (Kenichi Ikezoe, ROW)
3 Saigon City (, Girls)

team standings after leg 2:

Rest of The World (35)
Europe (28)
Girls (12)
Britain and Ireland (5)

Silver Saddle standings after leg 2:

Kenichi Ikezoe 20
Thierry Jarnet 18
Gavin Lerena 15
Pierre-Charles Boudot 7

Leg 1 result

1 In Salutem (Thierry Jarnet, Europe)
2 Line Of Reason (Kenichi Ikezoe, ROTW)
3 Out Do (Pierre-Charles Boudot, Europe)

team standings after leg 1:

Europe (25)
Rest of The World (10)
Britain and Ireland (5)
Girls (0)

Silver Saddle standings after leg 1:

Thierry Jarnet (15 points)
Kenichi Ikezoe (1o)
Pierre-Charles Boudot (7)
Joe Fanning (5)

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