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Trixie Tips.

Trixie Tips (E/W) – 24th April 2017

What is a Trixie

Multiple Bets – The Trixie Explained

A Trixie bet is a special form of bet which requires you to make three selections. It can be used for a variety of sports but is most common in horse racing or football.

A Trixie is a wager on three selections and consists of 4 separate bets.

These 4 bets are:

• 3 doubles
• 1 treble

Two winning selections will guarantee a return. The more selections are correct, the higher the payout.

For example, you may select a Trixie bet featuring the selections of Sizing John , Cue Card and Apple’s Jade. If two or more of these horses wins their respective race, you will be guaranteed a payout.

If all three horses win, you receive 4 payouts (3 doubles, 1 treble.)Using a Betting Calculator can help you work out your potential return from a Trixie bet. By entering the odds of your three selections, the calculator can work out what your returns would be.

It is easy to place a Trixie bet online. Once you have logged into your internet based bookmaker such as Paddy Power, Bet365 or Betfair, you can add the three selections you wish to make to your betslip one at a time. Your betslip will then give you options regarding the type of bet you wish to place and you choose ‘Trixie’.

You then have to decide what your ‘unit stake’ will be. The ‘unit stake’ is the amount that you wish to wager on each of the 4 bets. For example, if you bet a £1 (or €1) ‘unit stake’ on a Trixie bet, it would cost you £4 (or €4)

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